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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Sanctuary Cities

- California Cities

- Chicago

- Martha's Vineyard

- New York City

- Washington DC  

WATCH: Police Reveal Suspect In Brutal Murder Was Shielded From Deportation SIX Times By Sanctuary Laws - 3/14/2019

Cory Booker Admits Releasing Migrants In Sanctuary Cities Would "Make Us Less Safe" - 4/14/2019

9th Circuit Court Hands President Trump The Win On Sanctuary Cities - 7/12/2019

Watch: Press Sec Responds To Question On Everyone's Mind - What About Biden's Migrant Flights? - 9/17/2022

DeSantis Unloads On The Hypocrisy Of The Left's Reaction To Having To Deal With Biden's Border Crisis In Their Own Front Yards - 9/18/2022

AOC: Sending Illegal Immigrants To Sanctuary Cities Is 'Crime Against Humanity' - 9/19/2022

Bexar County Sheriff Ignores Triple Murder Case, Instead Opens Investigation Into Florida Governor DeSantis - 9/21/2022

Sheriff Going After DeSantis Concocts 'Brilliant' Idea For Illegals, Users Quickly Point Out Glaring Issue - 9/21/2022

U.S. District Judge Rules Title 42 Rules Used To Expel Migrants Is Unlawful - 11/15/2022

Democrat Governor To Bus Illegal Immigrants Out Of State - Calls It 'Humane' - 1/28/2023

Texas Gov. Abbott Sends Bus Of Migrants To Another Dem-Run City - 5/18/2023

Wealthy Democrats Aided And Abetted The Biden Border Crisis, Now They're Whining About It - 9/1/2023

'The View' Co-Hosts Call For Illegal Immigrants To Be 'Resettled', Blame Federal Gov't For Problem - 9/9/2023

'Not Getting... The Real Threat': Tulsi Gabbard Slams Dems For Flip-Flopping On Migrants After They Come To Blue Cities - 9/15/2023

Democratic El Paso Mayor Charters Five Buses To Take Migrants To New York, Chicago, Denver - 9/25/2023