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Transgenderism: Crime & Violence By Transgenders

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention: Schools & Mass Shootings: Colorado Springs Nightclub

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention: Schools & Mass Shootings: Covenant Christian School  

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention: Schools & Mass Shootings: Kingsessing (Philadelphia Area) Shooting   

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention: Schools & Mass Shootings: Lakewood Church Shooting

- See: Crime & Crime Prevention Schools & Mass Shootings: Perry Middle & High School, Perry, Iowa

Rite Aid Shooter Self-Identified As Transgender Male, Friend Says - 9/21/2018

Transgender Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison For Deadly Colorado School Shooting - 7/24/2020

Trans Child Molester Gloats, Laughs About Lenient Sentence Issued Thanks To Progressive California DA: Report - 2/21/2022

Trans Child Molester Given Lenient Sentence Thanks To Far-Left Policies Now Charged With First-Degree Murder - 5/11/2022

Transgender Former Cop Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Abusing Multiple Children - 7/23/2022

The Transgender Movement Is Not Just Intolerant. It's Barbaric And Violent, And It's Coming For Your Children - 8/19/2022

National Transsexual Rights Activist Once Boosted By The New York Times Found Guilty Of Horrific Murders Of Lesbians And An African Teen - 11/18/2022

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark's Son Sprung From Jail After Allegedly Assaulting Boston Cop - 1/25/2023

Video: Prostitutes Solicit Sex Right Outside Catholic Elementary School, Police Handcuffed After California Democrats Passed Law To Protect Transgender Sex Workers - 2/5/2023

Musk Has Literally No Words After It's Revealed What 4 Mass Shooters All Had in Common - 3/28/2023

Daily Wire Reporter Suspended From Twitter Over Story About Trans 'Day Of Vengeance' Scheduled For Same Week As Nashville Shotting - 3/28/2023

Notle: Four Transsexual Mass Shooters In Less Than Five Years - 3/28/2023

Musk Has Literally No Words After It's Revealed What 4 Mass Shooters All Had In Common - 3/28/2023

LGBTQ Groups Warn Of 'Serious Consequences' If Police Release Trans School Shooter's Manifesto - 3/29/2023

Trans Activists Call For More Blood After Nashville Shooting - 3/29/2023

VIDEO: Violent Transgender Activists Allegedly Assault Dad - 4/1/2023

Video Shows 'Transgender Mafia' Assault Alex Stein, Douse Him With Hot Coffee, And Spit On Him During NYC Trans Event, But NYPD Does Nothing - 4/2/2023

Days After Nashville Shooting, Wyoming Dem Sides With Antifa, Implies Supporting Gun Violence Against Those Who Oppose 'Trans' Agenda - 4/3/2023

Transgender Suspect With Communist Manifesto Arrested For Planning Shooting At Schools, Churches: Police - 4/6/2023

'Did This Just Say PEACEFUL?': Riley Gaines Unloads On San Francisco State's Response To Assault - 4/9/2023

SFSU Praises LGBT Extremists Who Mobbed And Attacked Riley Gainse, Intimates Star Athlete's Views Are 'Abhorrent' - 4/10/2023

Trans Perp Who Admitted To Vandalizing Catholic Church, Assaulting Worker Offered No-Jail-Time Plea Deal From Biden's DOJ - 4/12/2023

Trans Perp Who Admitted TO Vandalizing Catholic Church, Assaulting Worker Offered No-Jail-Time Plea Deal From Biden's DOJ - 4/12/2023

Trans Teacher Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Studnets, And Parents Say The Middle School Failed To Notify Them - 4/13/2023

Raging Transgender Activist Caught On Video Flipping Turning Point USA Table At University Of Washington : 'Get The F*** Off My Campus, You Nazi!' - 4/14/2023

Transgender Teacher Fired After Allegedly Threatening To Shoot Students - 4/16/2023

Man Claiming To Be Female Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault In Women's Shelter - 4/20/2023

Biological Man Pretending To Be A Woman, Issues Violent Threat To Anyone Who Suggests He Can't use Women's Restroom: "It Will Be The Last Mistake You Ever Make [VIDEO] - 4/21/2023

Grown Man Identifying As 'Trans' Exposed Genitalia To Four Freshmen Girls, School Did Nothing, Lawyers Allege - 4/21/2023

Utah State Senator's Home Vandalized Over Law Banning Child Sex Change Surgeries - 4/22/2023

LGBT Activist Threatens Anyone Who Would Try To Keep Him Out Of Women's Bathrooms Or Protect Their Kids: 'It Will Be The Last Mistake You Ever Make' - 4/24/2023

AUSTRALIA: Man Who Sexually Abused Child In Public Restroom With 'Her Penis' Now Identifies As Transgender - 4/26/2023

Giant Transgender (Bio Male) Student At SoCal High School Assaults Girl After Exposing His Genitals In Girls' Locker Room (VIDEO) - 4/28/2023

Video: Trans Student 'Born Male' Who Allegedly Showed 'His Genitals' In HS Girls' Locker Room Absolutely Towers Over Girl In Lunchtime Fight - 5/1/2023

Father Who Sexually Abused 7-Year-Old Daughter For "TransPorn" Company Now Recorded As A "Female" Offender By NJDOC - 5/1/2023

'Trolling': Convicted Pedophile Says He's Trans, Adopts Name Of UK Legislator Who Opposes 'Gender Ideology' - 5/1/2023

Girl Blasts School Board For Allowing Allegedly Violent Trans Student In Bathroom - 5/3/2023

Female Lifeguard Applicant Who identifies As Male Exposes 'Bare Breasts' In Front Of 'Several Dozen Children' At City Pool - 5/3/2023

Democrat Rep's Trans Adult Child Assaults Police, The Outcome Will Make Your Blood Boil - 5/7/2023

WATCH: Protester Takes Swing At Police Officer As Republicans Vote To Ban Trans Procedures On Minors, Police Say - 5/20/2023

Eunuch Who Stabbed Athletics Officials Over Questions Of His Eligibility To Compete As A Woman Still Holds Women's Parkfun Record. Female Athletes Aren't Pleased. - 5/24/2023

MEDIA IS SILENT After 34-Yr-Old Trans Man Is Charged With Stabbing His Recently Retired Father To Death [VIDEO] - 6/5/2023

Police Arrest 'Transitioning Daughter' In Connection With Virginia Dentist's Stabbing Death - 6/7/2023

Love Wins. Totally Stable Trans Activist Seen Dragging Woman By Her Hair Through Weekend Protest (VIDEO) - 6/12/2023

"TRANTIFA" ...UN Investigator And Republican Lawmakers Warn Of New Violent Extremist Group [VIDEO] - 6/12/2023

Prominent Trans Activist And Former Teacher Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder: "Most Depraved Crime I Ever Handled" - 6/15/2023

Man, An Early Activist For 'Transgender' Rights, Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Parole After Brutal Triple Homicide - 6/15/2023

12-Year-Old Girl's Alleged rape By Boy In Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Discovered After Mother Read Her Diary: ' I Was Raped. F***ing ill Me' - 6/21/2023

Nation's First Elected Transgender State Rep. Arrested On Child Porn Charges: Police - 6/23/2023

Transgender Triple Murderer Sent To Women's Prison - 6/27/2023

Trans Activist Who Served 30 Years In Jail For Attempted Murder And Told London Crowd "If You See A TERF, Punch Them In The Face" Arrested For "Incitedment To Violence" (Video) - 7/14/2023

Transgender Suspect Accused of Molesting Autistic Children At Therapy Center Found Dead In Jail - 8/12/2023

Hate Crime: 19-Year-Old Suspect Tore Down Pro-Israel Posters At Columbia University, Clobbered Israeli Student With Stick, Prosecutors Say - 10/17/2023

Surveillance Footage Shows ASU Staff Memer Attack A Turning Point USA Cameraman. The University Appears Keen To Paint Employee As A Victim. - 10/17/2023

Feds Charge Trans-Identifying Man After He Pledged To Copycat Nashville Shooting: 'I'm Coming For Them In The Bathrooms' - 11/22/2023

Transgender Suspect Threatens To Rape Christian Girls, Inject HIV In People Wearing Crosses, Copycat Nashville Shooting: Feds - 11/24/2023

Kendall Stephens, Philadelphia LGBTQ Activist, Charged With Rape Of Minors - 12/19/2023

Prominent LGBTQ+ Activist In Philadelpia Accused Of Raping 2 Young Children: Sources - 12/19/2023

Prominent Trans-Identifying LGBTQ Activist Arrested For Allegedly Raping Two Boys Under 13 - 12/19/2023

Transgender Activist Touted By Blue State Dems Charged With Rape Of A Minor - 12/19/2023

The Only School Shootings Corporate Media Don't Hype Are By Gender-Fluid Murderers - 1/9/2024

FBI Arrests Transgender Man Who Threatened To Kill 'Trans Phobes' - Suggests Ties To 'Alt-Right Extremism' - 1/15/2024

Growing Concerns Over Links Between Transgenderism And Violence - 1/24/2024

Popular TikTok Transvestite Outed As A Pedophile Who Stalked A Mother And Molested Her Children - 2/7/2024

Transvestite Who Butchered Cab Driver Smirks At Victim's Family, Claims Victimhood After Getting Off The Hook For Murder - 2/22/2024

'Pansexual' Antifa Radical Arrested For Allegedly Setting Off Nail Bomb Outside Alabma AG's Office - 4/11/2024

Transgender Antifa Militant Charged With Detonating Explosive Outside Alabama Attorney General's Office - 4/12/2024

'I'm The Devil': Transvestite 'Vampire' Faces Murder Trial Following Conviction For Raping Disabled Girl - 4/16/2024

Court Docs Show Trans Teen Arrested For Allegedly Planning Mass Shooting Fawned Over Covenant Shooter - 4/18/2024

Democrat Explodes Over Reports That Teen Arrested For Alleged School Shooting Plot Is Transgender - 4/19/2024

Police Foil Transvestite Teen's Alleged Plot To Shoot Up A School In Maryland: 'Little Kids Make Easier Targets' - 4/19/2024