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Sandy Berger: What Did He Take And Why Did He Take It? - 1/15/2007

Dems Purposefully Walk Through Protesters After Meeting - 3/21/2010

Byrd's KKK History Shows Partisan Double Standard - 6/30/2010

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Family Matters: How A US Member Of Congress Was Raised By The Red-Green Axis - 2/21/2019

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Dems Deny Bill To Educate Children Of Vets, Approve $27M In Tuition For The Undocumented - 4/13/2019

House Dems DELETE Tweet After Realizing They Used Obama-Era Photo Of Migrant "Kids In Cages" - 7/10/2019

WATCH: Ex-ICE Director Explodes At Dem Rep: 'No One In This Room Has Seen What I've Seen' - 7/13/2019

Dem Lawmaker Flip Flops On Racism Claim After Man She Confronted Tells His Side Of The Story - 7/22/2019

Flashback: Elijah Cummings Calls Baltimore "Drug Infested" ...Race Mob Gives Him A Pass - 7/31/2019

17 Democrats Who Weren't Held Accountable for Scandals by Their Constituents - 10/24/2019

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Saturday Reminder: Bernie Sanders a Bum Who Didn't Earn His First Steady Paycheck Until Age 40 Then Wormed His Way Into Politics - 2/15/2020

Democrats To Punish Black Michigan Lawmaker Who Said Trump Helped Her Beat Coronavirus By Urging Hydroxychloroquine Consideration - 4/23/2020

Eric Holder Is Encouraging Dems To Pounce On The Coronavirus Crisis To Make A Drastic Structural Change - 4/16/2020

Harris, Prominent Democrats Listed As 'Key Contacts' For Biden Family Business Venture Projects - 10/22/2020

Scalise: Democrats In Congress Turn A Blind Eye To Chinese Threats - 12/21/2020

NY Times Journalists Explore What Happens When Democrats Have All The Power, Find Out 'Blue States Are The Problem' - 11/18/2021

Democrat Senator Under Fire After Speaking at Communist Group's Gala - 12/16/2021

Senate Democrats Allowed Convicted Murderers - Like The Boston Bomber - To Receive Stimulus Checks - 1/6/2022

Dems Want To 'Fund The Police' Now, But GOP Rep's Video Reminds Us What They Were Saying - 3/10/2022

Lawmakers Load $1.5 Trillion Bill With Pork Barrel Spending - 142 Earmarks For Chuck Schumer Alone - 3/10/2022

Democrat Challenges Witness To Prove Claim That Liberals 'Hate' Clarence Thomas Because He Is A Black Conservative.  Witness Uses Chairman's Own Words. - 5/2/2022

Paying Attention Yet? Senate Blocks Aid For Small Businesses On Same Day They Passed $40 Billion For Ukraine - 5/20/2022

Tim Scott Exposes Dem Hypocrisy On Senate Filibuster After Biden Uses Executive Order For Police Reform - 5/26/2022

James O'Keefe Drops Bombshell Video On BlackRock: 'You Got $10k? You Can Buy A Senator' - 6/20/2023

House Democrats Slammed For Passing 'Orwellian' Measure Regarding 'White Supremacy' In The Military - 7/14/2022

Democrats To Vote On Rescinding Defense Of Marriage Act, Which Biden And Others In Party Voted Into Law - 7/21/2022

House Oversight Democrats Just Voted 'To Shield Biden Family From Accountability', Republicans Allege - 9/21/2022

They Can't Win If They Don't Cheat... House Democrats Vote To Give Aliens The Right To Vote - IN UNANIMOUS VOTE! - 9/21/2022

House Democrats And Exiting Impeachment Republicans Pass Liz Cheney's Bill, Which Allows Voting 5 Days After Elections - 9/23/2022

First Mexican-Born Congresswoman Denied Membership In Hispanic Caucus Becuase She Is A Republican - 10/27/2022

Democrat Rep Secures $1M For Children's Mental Health Asylum Implicated In Child Rape Case - 12/23/2023

Nearly All House Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Attacks On Churches, Pro-Life Facilities - 1/13/2023

Democratic Whip Katherine Clark's Son Sprung From Jail After Allegedly Assaulting Boston Cop - 1/25/2023

Reap What You Sow: Democrats Now Express Regret For Skirting Norms To Boot Republicans From Committees - 2/2/2023

These 86 Democrats Voted Against Condemning Socialism - 2/2/2023

Dem Rep Handed Out Congressional Awards to Members Of Alleged Chinese Influence Operations - 2/19/2023

Dem Reps Defend Biden Appointee Who Belonged To Alleged Chinese Intel Fronts, Suggest Critics Are Racist - 2/20/2023

Biden Appointee's Firm Admits He Belonged to Alleged Chinese Intel Operation - 2/20/2023

Here's The Lawmaker Who Accepts More BlackRock Money Than Any Other Member Of Congress - 3/3/2023

House Passes Bill To Protect Free Speech From Government Interference, 206 Democrats Oppose - 3/9/2023

Dem Rep Listed As 'Co-Chair' Of Yet Another Nonprofit With Ties To Chinese Communist Party - 4/16/2023

NEW VIDEO Emerges Of Democrat Congress Members Playing WIth Phones And YAWNING  At Congressional Hearing In NYC! "Disrespectful And Disgraceful!" YAWNING DEMOCRAT HANK JOHNSON Owes Victims And Apology! - 4/20/2023

Democrats Caught Quietly Sliding Through China Deal - Residents Fight Back After $2.4B Proposal In Michigan - 4/21/2023

Swing State Dems Approve $175 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Chinese-Owned Company, And Residents Aren't Happy - 4/21/2023

Democrats Refuse To Deal As House Republicans Deliver A Pro-Growth Bill To Reduce Spending - 4/25/2023

CCP-Tied Battery Plant Pushed By Democrats To Be Built Next To 3rd Largest Watershed In MI... Will Reportedly Consume Twice The Amount Of Water Per Day As Major Water Bottling Plant [VIDEO] - 4/29/2023

Lawmakers Dumped Their Shares In First Republic Bank Before The Company Collapsed - 5/3/2023

'They Savor it': Dem Rep. Hank Johnson Claims Republicans 'Would Gladly' Bring Slavery Back - 5/10/2023

Reparations 2.0: White-Owned Businesses Pay Extra Taxes To Minority-Owned Businesses - 5/10/2023

Maryland Democrat Equates American Muslims With 'White Supremacists' Over Their Support For Parental Rights ANd Opposition To LGBT Propaganda - 6/8/2023

Bureaucrats Are Hell-Bent On Congress Rubber Stamping FISA So They Can Snoop Without Warrants Or Consequences - 6/13/2023

AWFUL: 20 Republicans Vote With Democrats - Refuse To Censure Serial Liar Adam Schiff - Resolution Fails In House - UPDATE: Here Is The List Of RINOs Who Voted With Democrats - 6/14/2023

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler Says It Would Have Been Child Abuse For Parents Not To Mask 2-Year-Old Before COVID-19 Vaccines Were Available - 6/14/2023

'How They Sleep At Night': Former Dem Senator Calls Republicans 'Jerks' For Investigating Hunter Biden - 6/20/2023

Democrat Demands Release Of Devon Archer Transcript. GOP-Led Panel Responds. - 8/1/2023

WATCH: 24 Straight Minutes Of Democrats Denying Election Results - Will Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, And Jack Smith Hold These Democrats Accountable? - 8/2/2023

WAYNE ROOT: What Just Happened In Maui Proves America Is Being Destroyed And Abandoned By Biden And Democrats - 8/18/2023

Democrat Blocks Senate Bill To Ban Mask Mandates Nationwide - 9/7/2023

Angry New Yorkers Drown Out AOC, Jerry Nadler During Chaotic Immigration Pression - 9/15/2023

Democratic 'Dark Money' Critic Sheldon Whitehouse Has Deep Ties To Secret Donor World - 9/18/2023

'Congress Has Failed': 2024 GOP Presidential Candidates Weigh In On Spending Fight As Gov't Shutdown Looms - 9/23/2023

THESE 18 Republicans Voted IN FAVOR Of Tax-Payer-Funded Pride Month - 9/28/2023

CNBC Anchor Hits Top House Democrat With Reality Check About What 'Bipartisan' Actaully Means - And What It Deson't Mean - 9/29/2023

These House Republicans Voted To Fund CISA's Criminial Censorship And Election Interference - 9/30/2023

GOP Senators Consider Baiting House With Border Clause To Force More Ukraine Aid Amid Shutdown - 9/30/2023

Despite Growing Opposition And Serious Problems At Home, Democrats Make Ukraine Funding Their Top Priority - 10/2/2023

Ex-Detroit Police Chief Says Rival Consultant Offered 'Lucrative' Benefits To Not Enter Senate Race - 10/7/2023

If Democrats Don't Want Blame For Appeasing Iran And Hamas, They Should Stop Doing It - 10/9/2023

GOP-Led House Expels George Santos But Not Terrorist Sympathizer Rashida Tlaib - 12/1/2023

Trillion Dollar Club: Leaders In Congress Who Helped Amass $34 Trillion In National Debt - 12/10/2023

Have the Republicans Lost Their Marbles? - 12/11/2023

Investigation Reveals How CCP Interfered In US Election - 1/25/2024

ROOKE: So-Called Republicans Are Helping Biden Gasight Americans - 2/7/2024

You Don't Have To Be A Ukraine Expert To Know Senate GOP Leaders Are A Bunch Of Frauds - 2/13/2024

Court Says Democrats Who Broke Quorum Rules Unconstitutinoally Spent $1.7 Trillion - 2/28/2024

House Republicans Defend Use Of Earmarks As Congress Passes Spending Bills With $13 Billion Of Pork - 3/8/2024

New Blaze Media Doc Exposes Shady Stock-Trading From 'Filthy Rich' Democrats And Republicans In Congress - 4/10/2024

Tucker Carlson Says UFOs Are 'Spiritual Beings,' Politicians Blackmailed By 'Weird Sex Lives, ' Tells Joe Rogan About Eating Magic Mushrooms - 4/21/2024