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It's About DAMN TIME: Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls For Special Counsel To Investigate 'Potential Crimes' In Obama's DOJ And FBI - 3/14/2019

Sidney Powell Unleashed! DOJ Appalling Double Standard - Peter Strzok NOT CHARGED For Lying And Leaking While Gen. Flynn Set Up And Indicted (VIDEO) - 6/1/2019

THE UPDATED LIST: 130 Times The FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang "deviated From Standard Practice" or Committed Crimes In Effots To Exonerate Hillary And Indict President Trump - 7/27/2019

Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% Of Obama's FBI And DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal And illegally Provided To Government Outsiders - 1/22/2018

THE UPDATED LIST: 130 Times The FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang "deviated From Standard Practice" or Committed Crimes In Effots To Exonerate Hillary And Indict President Trump - 7/27/2019

BREAKING: Biden DOJ Spied On Project Veritas Journalists With Sealed Search Warrants - Then Concealed Communications From Federal Judge (VIDEO) - 3/22/2022

The DOJ Expands Jan 6 Investigation Into Those Individuals Who Planned The Trump Rally - Same DOJ Continues To Ignore Nefarious Characters Who Were Directing The Violence That Day - 3/31/2022

Project Veritas: DOJ Secretly Spied On Journalists' Apple And Google Accounts (VIDEO) - 4/13/2022

Deputy AG Lisa Monaco - In On Obama's Secret Russia Meetings In 2016 In White House - Caught Using A Pseudonymous Email Likely Against The Law - 4/25/2022

Senate Republicans Demand DOJ Answers On Investigation Of Acclaimed U.S. Marshals - 4/26/2022

The Abuse Never Ends: DOJ Demons Sue Paul Manafort For Not Reporting Foreign Accounts After Locking Him In Isolation For Being Trump's Campaign Manager - 4/29/2022

New DOJ Notes Reveal FBI Panic After Trump Tweeted He Knew He Was Being Spied On - 5/9/2022

DOJ Asks Court To Reinstate COVID Mask Mandate On Public Transportion - 5/31/2022

Democrat Congressman's Staffer Caught Defacing Posters In Capitol Complex, But DOJ Won't Presecute - 6/20/2022

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Has VA Suspend All Benefits Of Jan. 6 Prisoner - 6/29/2022

GOP Representatives Want To Know Why Biden's DOJ Is Firing Trump Immigration Judges - 7/6/2022

DOJ Contrdicts Federal Law With Lawsuit Against Arizona Citizenship Voter Law - 7/6/2022

'Intimidate, humiliate, And Embarrass': Growing Outcry Against DOJ Strong-Arming Of Biden Critics - 7/14/2022

Mystery Solved: DOJ Secretly Thwarted Release Of Russia Documents Declassified By Trump - 7/20/2022

DOJ May Have Obstructed Important Biden Corruption Investigations Out Of Pittsburgh And Delaware - 7/28/2022

Ted Cruz Checkmates Top DOJ Official For Not Enforcing Federal Law Against Pro-Abortion Protesters Outside SCOTUS Justices' Houses - 8/3/2022

DOJ Task Force Update: Of 1,000 Reported Threats To Election Workers, Only 5 Indictments So Far - 8/4/2022

Republicans Will Have To Do A Lot More Than Hold Hearings To Stop The Rogue FBI And DOJ - 8/9/2022

Under Biden's DOJ, The Rule Of Law In America Has Become A Farce - 8/10/2022

Before FBI Seized Privileged Trump Memos, DOJ Filter Teams Already Tainted By Legal Controversy - 8/29/2022

DOJ Finally Admits Trump Might Have Been Right About What They Seized - 8/29/2022

BREAKING: Attorney General Merrick Garland Threatens DOJ Employess About Contacting Congress - In The Current Environment He Appears To Be Breaking The Law - 8/30/2022

Bombshell: DOJ Conceals Records About Biden's Use Of Federal Agencies To Influence Elections - 9/12/2022

Mike Lindell's FBI Phone Seizure Warrant Reveals Why DOJ Investigating MyPillow CEO - 9/22/2022

DOJ's Kristen Clarke: A Pro-Abortion Activist Enforcing The Law Against Pro-Lifers - 10/26/2022

J6 Committee, DOJ's Targeting Of Trump Attorneys Aimed At Destroying MAGA, Threatens Democracy: Lawyers - 10/27/2022

Appointment Of Special Counsel Amounts To Election Interference And Sets Dangerous Precendent - 11/25/2022

Merrick Garland Ignores Calls For Hunter Biden Probe To Instead Interfere With Trump's 2024 Chances - 12/2/2022

DOJ Official Admits Targeting Pro-Lifers is Response To Overturn Of Roe - 12/12/2022

DOJ Official Touts Prosecution Of Anti-Abortion Advocates While Vandalized Pregnancy Centers Await Justice - 12/14/2022

DOJ Snooped On House Intelligence Committee Investigators During Russia Probe, Subpoenas Showz - 12/19/2022

Nunes Accuses DOJ Of Seeking Blackmail Material During Russia Probe After Bombshell Revelation - 12/20/2022

AG Garland Says He's Willing To 'Tear The Country Apart' To Get Trump - 12/25/2022

DOJ Blocks 400 Pages Of Hunter Biden FOIAs About China, Russia, Ukraine - 1/3/2023

President Trump's Documents Held At Mar-A-Lago Were Legit But Biden Held Classified Intel That Went Against The Law - When Did The DOJ Know? - 1/11/2023

House Panel Formed To Probe 'Weaponization' of FBI, DOJ Too Important For Partisan Trivialities - 1/11/2023

DOJ Gave Biden Special Privileges? - 1/23/2023

Biden's DOJ Refuses To Cooperate With Congressional Investigation Into Classified Docs Scandal - 1/31/2023

Biden's DOJ Blocks National Archives From Speaking On Biden's Classified Docs - Allowed It For Trump's Docs - 2/1/2023

House Judiciary Subpoenas FBI Director Wray And AG Garland For Targeting Parents - 2/3/2023

Biden DOJ Throttled Arrests Of Violent Abortion Mob Surrounding Supreme Court Justices' Homes - 3/30/2023

After Years Of J6 Fearmongering, Left-Wing Activists Storm Tennessee Capitol While DOJ Stays Silent - 3/31/2023

Another Federal Judge Rejects The DOJ's Argument That Cannabis Consmers Have No Second Amendment Rights - 4/11/2023

A Prankster's Conviction Sends A Message: Anti-Regime Speech Is A Crime - 4/11/2023

"Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jake Sullivan, The FBI And DOJ Should Be Indicted For Epic Corruption At the Highest Levels Of Federal Power" - Attorney Tyler Nixon - 4/13/2023

19 Times Democrats And DOJ Deliberately Politicized Law Enforcement - 4/14/2023

Whistleblower Bombshell: IRS Agent Alleges DOJ Thwarting Criminal Prosecution Of Hunter Biden - 4/20/2023

UPDATE: IRS Whistleblower Confirms Biden's AG Merrick Garland Lied Under Oath, Committed Perfury - He's Done This Before, When Will he Face Charges? - 4/21/2023

'I Hope DOJ Reconsiders': FBI Personnel Blindsided By Attorney General Garland's Memo Targeting Parents - 3/23/2023

IRS Whistleblower: There Was Unanimous Agreement To Charge Hunter Biden With Felonies - And Not Doing So Violated DOJ Policy - 7/20/2023

It Begins: DOJ Arrests 4 Black Leftists For Spreading Pro-Russia "Propaganda" In Memes, Articles And Speeches - 4/21/2023

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Appreared To Minimize Leftist Role In Violent Pro-Abortion Attacks Ahead Of 'Night Of Rage' - 4/24/2023

Biden DOJ Challenges Tennessee's Ban On Genital Mutilation Of Children: 'Fedearl Overreach At Its Worst' - 4/27/2023

Corruption Of President Biden -- And Of The Justice Department, And Of The Media - 5/12/2023

Biden's DOJ Refused To Prosecute Disgraced U.S. Attorney Racheal Rollins For Lying Under Oath Months Before her Corruption Scandal Broke - 5/18/203

New IRS Whistleblower Letter Suggests DOJ Interference In Hunter Biden Probe Dates Back Years - 5/23/2023

DOJ Drains Funds Raised On Behalf Of January 6 Defendants - 5/30/2023

'Politicized': Republicans Decry DOJ Lawsuit Against GOP Senate Candidate's Business - 6/2/2023

DOJ Declares War On 2024 With Trump Indictment Hours After Biden Bribery News - 6/9/2023

The DOJ's Election Interference Is Worse Than Anything The Russians Ever Did - 6/9/2023

Josh Hawley: If The People In Power Can Jail Their Political Opponents 'We Don't Have A Republic Anymore' (VIDEO) - 6/10/2023

Former Top FBI Agent Confirms Justice Department's Aggressive Push To Condut Surprise Raid On Mar-a-Lago - 6/13/2023

Republican Lawmaker Warns Trump Supporters About Falling Into DOJ Trap - 6/13/2023

Let's Brush Up On The DOJ's Long History Of Abetting Prosecutorial Misconduct - 6/19/2023

Ex-US Attorney Sounds Alarm On DOJ 'Violating Its Own Internal Policies' - 6/21/2023

DHS Outsourced Censorship To Third Parties, Then Tried To Cover It Up: House Judiciary GOP Report - 2/26/2023

Judge Denies DOJ's Request For Stay In Social Media Censorship Case - 7/10/2023

DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Gal Luft Days After He Releases Video Critical Of Biden's Business Deals - 7/11/2023

DOJ Erases Child Sex Trafficking Information From Website - 7/12/2023

DOJ Quietly Removes Child Sex Trafficking Info From Website, Sparking Concern Biden Admin Is Deprioritizing Crime: Report - 7/18/2023

'The FBI Has Nothing To Stand On': Rep. Byron Donalds Calls Out DOJ For 'Obstructing Justice' - 7/21/2023

After DOJ Tries To Give Texas A Direct Order - Governor Abbott Sends Back A Brutal Response - 7/25/2023

Biden's DOJ Pushing For Hunter's Former Business Partner To Go To Prison Days Before His 'Bombshell Testimony,' Comer: 'This IS Obstruction Of Justice' - 7/30/2023

DOJ Leaks Names Of Five Co-Conspirators In Trump Indictment That Includes Five Lawyers To CNN - Another Leak By Biden's DOJ! - 8/1/2023

Larry Kudlow Goes There: Releases Timeline Of Biden's DOJ Charging Trump Immediatley After Joe Biden Is Caught In Nefarious, Criminial Acts (VIDEO) - 8/1/2023

Trump Slams Jack Smith After DOJ Admits It Did Not Produce All Mar-a-Lago Security Footage To Defense Counsel In First Batches Of Discovery - 8/1/2023

Maria Bartiroma: The DOJ Is Waiting For More Evidence The Things To Come Out On Joe Biden - Then They Will Give Georgia The Go Ahead To Release Another Indictment (VIDEO) - 8/6/2023

While Trump Faces Host Of Charges, None Filed In Biden Special Counsel Probe On Classified Memos - 8/6/2023

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Same DOJ Attorney Prosecuting President Trump, Declined To Prosecute Andrew McCabe For Lying Under Oath, Gave Imran Awan Sweetheart Deal, And More - 8/6/2023

Kayleigh McEnany Questions DOJ's Independence After New York Times Reveals Biden's Wish For AG To Prosecute Trump Just Prior To Multiple Indictments - 8/7/2023

Investigative Journalist Steve Baker, Targeted By Biden DOJ Over His Jan. 6 Reportage, Is Joining BLaze Media - 8/10/2023

'Blind Eye To Corruption': Comer Rips DOJ For Allegedly Obstructing IG Investigation Into Hunter Biden Probe - 8/23/2023

DOJ Prosecutor Who Allegedly Refused To Charge Hunter Biden Made His Career Going After Financial Crimes - 8/24/2023

More Political Weaponization: DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Musk's SpaceX Alleging Hiring Discrimination Against Refugees - 8/26/2023

'Politically Motivated': Kash Patal Sues Over DOJ Subpoena Of His Personal Email Account Data - 9/18/2023

SpaceX Sues US Government, Says DOJ's Claims Of Anti-Immigrant Hiring Practices Are Unconstinatutional - 9/19/2023

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep Demands Mayorkas Account For Agency Losing Track Of Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants - 9/21/2023

'No One Is Allowed To Question Him': Ted Cruz Compares Merrick Garland's 'Smug Entitlement' During Testimony To Fauci - 9/22/2023

Merrick Garland's '60 Minutes' Interview Was Pure Political Propaganda - 10/3/2023

DOJ Should Investigate Its Own Russia-Collusion Hoax Leaks, Not The Hill Staff Who Caught Them - 10/25/2023

THEY'RE COMING AFTER YOU: Biden DOJ Targets Trump Supporters On Twitter - Demands List Of All Users Who Retweeted, Liked, or Mentioned President Trump's Twitter Account - 11/29/2023

Biden's DOJ Demanded Info On 'All Users' Who Interacted WIth Trump's Twitter Account - 11/29/2023

Jordan Subpoenas AG Garland Over DOJ Spying On Congress - 12/19/2023