May 18, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Recently, the 15th Annual White Privilege Conference was held with 2,500 teachers, school employees, and high school students attending.  During this insightful meeting several amazing statements were made, but this letter will just focus on the idea of Freedom of Speech.

     One presenter, a professor, stood up in front of the group and proclaimed Obama is just a Black face in the White Privilege House.  She then joked she had tenure so she feels safe to make her comments.  It is understood she has the unchecked freedom of saying whatever she wants to in the classroom without any repercussions.  No one can monitor her statements or her ideology, to which she was thankful.

     A short time later, another presenter lamented that in America, because of our unlimited “Freedom of Speech”, anyone can say anything they want no matter how hurtful it is for others.  She held up as an example Germany, revealing it is illegal for Germans to talk about the Nazis.  She was proud that the German leadership removed that shameful time from their history and their dialogue so no one would be inspired to repeat the violence of the National Socialist Party.  Liberty, though they may be sincere, these speakers are incredibly, incredibly dangerous.  

     First, they say that they don’t want to say anything that could hurt others or cause violence, while they daily target Christians, conservatives and any other opinion that dares not conform to their accepted “free speech” philosophy in the classroom. Furthermore they promote taking a physical stance against these people including the use of violence and even death.  We are already seeing a confrontational attitude on campuses across the country, sometimes ending in physical harm.  

     William Ayers, member of the 1960’s Weather Underground, a professor, progressive leader, and mentor to Barak Obama, believes as many as 25 million Americans will need to be eliminated if they do not re-educate themselves to give up capitalism and embrace socialism.  His ideology is a modern continuation of the American progressives that gave Hitler the idea of the gas chamber.  In the early 1900s California eugenicists, funded by prominent progressive institutions, promoted and carried out ethnic cleansing practices including sterilization, segregation, and openly discussed using gas chambers for group executions of undesirables.  Hitler praised the work done by these American eugenicists in Mein Kampf and followed their example in carrying out his Jewish Holocaust.  (See Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh My and Finishing The Master Race)

     Second, as Edmund Burke said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”  Right now in Germany, where they are unwilling to discuss Nazis for fear of renewing such hatred, there is a huge resurgence of Nazism.  While Germany is trying to protect it’s citizens from the horrors of Nazism, it is allowing history to repeat itself.  

     In Greece, after its recent economic collapse, a large Nazi population has emerged there as well. This group calls themselves Golden Dawn.  The Golden Dawn, like the Weather Underground, is merely a resurgence of an earlier hate group. This political party has offices in both Greece and Germany, but has now spread to England, Australia, Canada and the US.  The Golden Dawn has been anything but non-violent in Greece.  By not educating the people about their past, the Europeans are embracing this horrific ideology rather than resisting its hate filled rhetoric.

     Liberty, those of the Progressive Party in the US try to scare the American people about the Tea Party and Conservatives by describing them as Nazis.  The media frequently describes the Nazi Party as a “far-right” movement, trying to link it to those that believe in individual freedom. This is a mislead by the very people wishing to take your freedom. The media is using a European view of politics, rather than an American view of politics, to describe the Nazis.  (see There's Nothing Right About The Alt-Right) You have a cousin in Austria, who argued with me that the Nazis were politically ‘right’.  I argued that they are clearly a party of the ‘left.’  We were both correct, merely using different scales. Scales the media uses to weigh an argument in their favor.

     In Europe, the left and right are defined by whether they are more communist, (European left) or more socialist (European right).  The problem for the Europeans is that both schools of thought are big government institutions, they just disagree on how that big government should rule its people.  America, on the other hand, defines the left and right by the extremes of full totalitarianism on the left, (communism and socialism), and complete anarchy on the right, or the absence of any government at all.  The American left distance themselves from Nazism and try to demean the right-wing and conservatism by calling them Nazis.  The truth is, in an American context, Nazism falls well on the side of the left. The Nazi ideology goes hand in hand with the modern progressive/socialist agenda.  After all, it was the National Socialist Party. In fact, Hitler got his ideas from the mentors of the same people who try to use the Nazi brand as a political tool against their conservative opponents.  The differences in European and American politics is very important to understand and remember so that you do not fall into the media’s trap.

     The media, like modern teaching, comes from the 100+ year old progressive push to turn America into a socialist nation.  “Capitalism and Christianity are the source of all our problems,” is the underlying progressive thought.  Hitler used a similar argument against the Jews so he could kill 6 million of them.  Progressives want government to be their god and will do everything they can to make that happen.  They first have to beat you into submission by taking over the language and imprisoning you by using “political correctness.” They make any dissenters completely paralyzed from criticizing them and then just shove through their agendas, waiting to destroy any remaining mavericks who try to stop them. They make perfect movie bad guys. However, they make very dangerous politicians.

     Liberty, if you have any politically incorrect viewpoint that someone doesn’t agree with, hold firm.  You do not have to give up your rights just because someone believes they can bully you into submission.  Unfortunately, some people are convinced that their rights trump yours. However, their rights STOP where yours begin.  Others just assume they know better than you and are justified in telling you what to think.  Never be afraid to speak your mind or defend your God-given right to do it.  You have the right to speak, they do not have the right not to be offended.  You will be called names like racist, bigot and hater, and that your views are unacceptable.  Be quick to point out that the intolerance in this situation is not coming from you. In fact, the hatred being spewed is not yours, but that of your accuser.

     One last thought on Freedom of Speech. If someone who is white is preaching to you about “white privilege”, do you really have to listen to them? After all, by their own admission they have been privileged their whole lives and anything they say is just meant to control you.  If, on the other hand, a minority professor preaches to you about “white privilege”, isn’t the fact that they are in such a position of authority completely discredit their argument that whites are in control and oppressing their views? Whether a person is white or black, Freedom of Speech gives them the right to state their opinion. In this case, it’s clear that some people haven’t given their opinion a lot of thought.

     That’s my 2 cents.