As stated before, forced sterilizations continued well into the 1980’s.  Margaret Sanger continued her efforts with her organization, emphasizing a “family” aspect for "a woman's right to choose".  (see Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh, My)  However, there's not much choice in secretly eliminating the reproductivity of “inferior” people, and it proved to be frowned upon by the general public.  Yet, if you can convince the “stupid” people to kill their babies on their own, then you have the perfect plan.  (see Suffering In Utopia)  Get them to parade around in vagina costumes in the nation’s capital, demanding the right to kill their own babies, and you now have a group of people no better than the Germans who begged the state to kill their disabled children.

     Eugenics is a philosophy of constructing the perfect gene pool, the perfect person, the perfect race.  It is a concept derived from evolution, believing we're all here by accident so we must be able to manipulate reproduction to bring the chaos into order.  (see Gorilla Warfare, When Does Life Begin?, Evolution Explodes, and Is There Any Intelligent Life Out There?)  However, as any high school science student should know, science is the process of things going from order to disorder.  Everything about evolution goes against empirical science.

     Liberty, I don’t care what kind of wrapping people put their argument in, it all comes down to Satan convincing people that murdering others is a great thing.  He hates humanity and he’ll get groups fighting each other every chance he gets in hopes of them killing each other off.  Even better is when he can convince us to willfully do the deed to ourselves and our children.  Under the guise of compassion, humanity, “death with dignity” (see A Tale Of Two Women), or women’s reproductive rights (see Suffering In Utopia), the result is the same, telling God you think you know better than Him.

     Adam and Eve were formed perfectly, but soon fell into sin, taking all of humanity with them into corruption. (see Fruit Of The Forbidden Tree)  Once something loses its perfection, science tells us there is no biological way to get it back.  However, God gave us the formula.  His son, the only other person to enter this world perfectly, remained that way, and carried our sins upon his shoulders to the cross.  Through his perfect life and death, we will regain the master race, otherwise known as the human race, populated by all of God's children of every shape, size and color and every one of them perfect.

     That’s my 2 cents.



September 1, 2017

Dear Liberty,

     A few weeks ago, Iceland proudly announced that they eliminated Down Syndrome.  However, the methods by which they accomplished this amazing feat are not very scientific.  They simply abort all the babies testing positive for the condition.  As actress Patricia Heaton so eloquently tweeted: “Iceland isn't actually eliminating Down Syndrome. They're just killing everybody that has it. Big difference.”

     However, this type of "scientific" eradication of unwanted characteristics is nothing new.  Progressives have been doing it for well over 100 years, and as their actions suggest, they have no plans on stopping.  

     As soon as Hitler grabbed power in 1933, Nazi (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) propaganda began infecting the German psyche.  One particular subject was that of the state of the mentally ill.  The 1937 film Victims of the Past was produced in efforts to convince the German people that those with mental illnesses were actually suffering in their own minds.  They also threw in how much their care was costing the state.   Without actually saying it, the carefully scripted Nazi film persuaded Germans into not only accepting, but calling for, the irradiation of unfit people for the good of the country.

     In the Spring of 1939, a German father gave the Nazis the opportunity they were looking for.  In a petition addressed to Hitler, the father pleaded to the Führer to kill his severely disabled son.  Nazi officials specifically delivered it to Hitler, who ordered his personal physician to discuss the matter with the boy’s doctor.  In the end, the child was eliminated in a so-called “mercy-killing,” much the same way one puts down a sick animal.  Hitler liked this idea so much, he approved the annihilation of another 8,000 children in similar circumstances.

     That summer, Hitler gave the nod to his advisors to extend this program to adults.  In October, he signed an official document formalizing the killing program.  However, it was backdated to September 1, 1939, corresponding with Germany’s invasion of Poland, which began World War II.  (see The Forgotten Rescue and Code Name Jolanta)

     An easy, non-messy method was sought to accomplish their mass murder objective.  Inspired by progressives in America already perfecting forms of euthanasia, Nazis developed “shower” rooms.  (see Sanger And Eugenics And Socialism, Oh, My)  The precursor to the concentration camp gas chambers, these rooms suffocated their unsuspecting victims, who believed they were just taking a shower, with carbon monoxide gas.  In less than two years, Action T4, a team organized to perform these killings, exterminated between 70,000 to 250,000 people with mental or physical disabilities.  

     In German occupied Polish areas, victims were placed in a van.  Once on the road, the driver began pumping the van’s exhaust into the passenger area, which had been thoroughly sealed.  Over 10,000 Polish mental patients perished on this death drive by May 1940.

     Bishop Clemens August von Galen, Bishop of Münster, had been fighting and preaching against the Nazi regime since Hitler's rise.  In three powerful sermons in the summer of 1941, von Galen called Hitler and the Nazis out:

“Justice is the only solid foundation of any state. The right to life, to inviolability, to freedom is an indispensable part of any moral order of society . . . We demand justice! If this call remains unheard and unanswered, if the reign of Justice is not restored, then our German people and our country — in spite of the heroism of our soldiers and the glorious victories they have won — will perish through an inner rottenness and decay."

     As with Martin Luther’s 95 Thesis, (see The Knock Heard Round The World and Here I Stand) von Galen’s sermons were written down, reproduced and distributed throughout Germany and beyond.  As a result, enough pressure was placed on Hitler that he terminated the euthanasia program.  Von Galen fully expected to be arrested by the Nazis, but was spared due to their fears of political backlash from the diocese of Münster.  

     However, the Nazis did not let their new technology go to waste.  The same summer von Galen railed against the killing of the disabled, Hitler began using these same methods to terminate the sick and weak in the concentration camps regardless of race.  However, they still had to be transported to the proper facilities.  Within a year, gas chambers were built at the camps. Soon after, Hitler put his ideology of a superior, Aryan race into high gear, expanding his termination program to anyone with Jewish linage.  (see Remembering The Holocaust)

     Hitler went even further by allowing Dr. Josef Mengele to perform some of the most despicable experiments on people.  (see Evil Is As Evil Does)  In their minds, subjects were deformed, invalids, and just inferior human begins, so the experiments would benefit the “master race” without having to injure any perfect people.

     Most in America hear this story and are appalled.  They are disgusted by the lack of compassion and the evilness of Hitler’s actions, denouncing Hitler’s immorality.  However, too many of them have an “I Love Planned Parenthood” bumper sticker on their car, between their “Free Palestine” and "Feel the Bern" stickers.  (see The State Of Israel)  It seems a little disingenuous for people who love an organization drenched in eugenics, support a group that wants to annihilate the Jews and voted for a socialist are all that offended by Hitler.  Exactly what part of the Nazi Party do they disagree with?

     Contrary to what most are taught and believe, Hitler did not come up with the idea of a “master race.” Nor did he invent the technics of trying to achieve it.  As he wrote in Mein Kemf in 1924: 

“There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception [of citizenship] are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.”

     At the time, American progressive eugenists were making great headway in preventing “undesirables” in society.  Several states enacted forced sterilization laws for "feebleminded" individuals, which continued into the 1980’s in some places.  When one state law was challenged in the Supreme Court, it stood as Constitutional and resulted in over 65,000 Americans nationwide with mental or physical disabilities being forcibly sterilized.  Those in detention centers were also targeted.

     California led with over 20,000 procedures performed, focusing on Asians and Latinos and Southern states sterilized high numbers of blacks.  These surgeries, sometimes hidden under the guise of hysterectomies, were performed on girls as young as nine years old.  However, males were targeted too.  Nationwide, studies show disproportional percentages of African, Latino, and Native Americans verses their white counterparts were forcibly, and usually unknowingly, sterilized, reflecting abortion rates of today.  (see The Axis Of Evil)

     These methods were championed by hard-core eugenics supporters, such as the mother of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger (progressive), playwright George Bernard Shaw (Fabian Socialist), Hellen Keller (Socialist), Alexander Graham Bell (Machiavellian/Fascist) (see The Call Heard 'Round The World), Teddy Roosevelt (progressive) and even Winston Churchill (progressive) (see The British Bulldog).

     Once World War II ended and Hitler’s atrocities were publicized across the globe, eugenists did not recognize the error of their ways.  Mengele didn’t disguise them, he encouraged them.  Instead of dissolving their efforts, eugenists decided what their movement needed was to regroup.  According to Francis Crick, discoverer of DNA, stated:

“The main difficulty is that people have to start thinking out eugenics in a different way. The Nazis gave it a bad name and I think it is time something was done to make it respectable again.”