The second piece of the Progressive/Nazi puzzle was just proposed by General Wesley Clark, a former Democrat presidential candidate.   He wants to imprison people like we did with the Japanese in World War II.  (see Forgotten Atrocities Of World War II)  Anyone who has been radicalized or is disloyal to America, he argues, should be confined.  It is a message that resonates with people when they are afraid.   However, it leads down very dark roads. In the case of Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt, he didn’t just imprison radical and disloyal Japanese Americans, he imprisoned ALL Japanese Americans.  The important question is, who gets to decide who the radicals and disloyal citizens are?  

     In my point of view, Clark just described himself, the media, Obama and his administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the vast majority of radical, Liberal Hollywood.  Clark spoke of terrorists but never uttered the words “Muslim” or “Islam”.  Knowing that this administration for the past six years has argued that Tea Partiers are radical terrorists, that Republicans are disloyal traitors, that white people are oppressive supremacists and that Christians hate everybody, how long would it take for authorities to come after people like me if a bill were actually passed to do this?  As a military commander, it's quite telling that Wesley Clark would mirror policies of WWII.  Roosevelt pointed his crosshairs at Japanese Americans, not German Americans, even though we were at war with both. Hitler used the same tactic to imprison, torture, exterminate, and conduct experiments on Jews.  Margaret Sanger targeted Negros with abortion before they were even born.

     While Jews were in German Concentration Camps, Nazis used the prisoners to conduct “scientific” research.  (see Evil Is As Evil Does)  It’s no coincidence this is how Planned Parenthood is dismissing their harvesting of fetal organs.  Margaret Sanger promoted and supported both policies.  It is murder, pure and simple, and profiting from the “leftovers” is evil in its most unadulterated form. Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party’s official policy should be, “So what, the Nazis did it.” In fact, they are saying that in their very silence on the topic.  

     The Democratic Party has supported this practice for decades, arguing that embryonic stem-cell research is a benefit of abortion.    Why are they not showing public support for Planned Parenthood now?  Could it be that embryonic stem-cell research has been going on for over 40 years with no successful results?  Or is it that Democrats know how incredibly disgusted the American people are by these videos, even though their lawmakers still want to fund it?  Pro-life advocates, on the other hand, adamantly support adult stem-cell research, which has resulted in countless amazing medical advances and doesn’t require the death of an innocent baby.  

     Liberty, after reading my previous letters, the revelation of Planned Parenthood’s actions should sicken you, but it should not surprise you.  This is consistent with standard operating procedures for the Progressive movement.  Human life through the lie of evolution has been reduced to nothing more than a clump of tissues to be tossed aside at the whim of those who believe they are far superior and more evolved.  Planned Parenthood is trying to cover their actions and their conscience by saying they are donating the tissue and only receiving processing and handling fees in return.  This claim was decimated in the second video where the Planned Parenthood doctor negotiated the price for the organs.  You don’t negotiate a cost when you are just covering expenses.  You can spin your actions all you want, but in God’s eyes evil is evil.

     Under Republican President Abraham Lincoln, 360,000 Northern soldiers gave their lives to end slavery in the Confederate States led by Democrat President Jefferson Davis.  (see Sibling Rivalry)  America went to war and sacrificed 250,000 lives in Europe to stop the horrific and disgraceful practices of Hitler and the Nazi Party.  Now the same Progressive moment that supported Sanger and Hitler is embedded in the highest positions of this country and forcing the same disgusting policies on the American people.  So far 55 million American babies have given their lives in the mass genocide known as Roe v. Wade.

     I will continue to proclaim the value of life, every life, every chance I get.  I know that I will never be able to completely eradicate the murderous practice of abortion.  I probably won’t be able to close even just one clinic.  Regardless, I will never hurt an abortion doctor or demean women who have had the procedure.  These are lost souls in desperate need of finding peace in the Savior, Jesus Christ.  

     Where I must draw the line is allowing the government to take the tax dollars of American citizens to fund Nazi death camps in America.  Funding Planned Parenthood with tax money means all Americans have blood on their hands, forced to pay for the slaughter of primarily black babies.  In New York City today, more black babies are aborted than are allowed to live.  (see Suffering In Utopia)  Well done, Margaret Sanger. Well done, Democratic Party.  All Americans are forced to participate in this abomination against God.  It is here that I take a stand. It is here that everyone who believes All Lives Matter should stand.

     If these videos don’t stop the governmental funding for Planned Parenthood, than maybe the truth of Margaret Sanger gaining support for her organization by speaking at KKK rallies will.  The KKK, who have been tied directly to the Confederate Flag, are also tied directly to Planned Parenthood as well.  (see How The South Was Won)  It’s time to distance ourselves from our Confederate racist history once and for all.  If TVLand can't show The Dukes of Hazard because there is a Confederate flag on the roof of the car, then why in the hell are my tax dollars going to an organization that began because of the support of the KKK?

     Defund Planned Parenthood Now! All Lives Matter!

     That’s my 2 cents.



July 23, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     Obama touted at a recent Prayer Meeting that slave owners used Christianity to defend slavery.  What he conveniently left out was many of those churches were infected with the doctrine of evolution which preached that the Negro was not as evolved and therefore lesser than the white man.  It is the philosophy of evolution that Southerns gravitated to rather than the teachings of Christ, which the abolitionists preached.  Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, capitalized on this ideology when she spoke to KKK members about the organization she wanted to build.  She believed Negros were inferior and “undesirable” and her goal was to eliminate them.  The KKK of the Confederate South was eager to help.

     Many Christians today have convinced themselves that God is perfectly fine with abortion and gay marriage even though the Bible is quite explicit about the sinfulness of both murder and homosexuality.  (see Suffering In Utopia and We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service)  God made man in His own image.  However, ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, men have been molding God into their image.  (see Fruit Of The Forbidden Tree)  God does not change and neither does His Word.  “Evolved Christians” can try to ease their own consciences by misrepresenting God’s Word, but that doesn’t make them any more right than the slave owners.

     Last week the Center for Medical Progress released the first of what will be several videos revealing a secret practice of Planned Parenthood.  (see Evil Is As Evil Does) It revealed the Senior Director of Medical Services quite casually discussing how she purposely crushes the head and lower parts of babies when aborting them so as to preserve their vital organs to sell.  She also discloses how she carefully skirts laws restricting partial birth abortion as well as the selling of body parts from an aborted baby.  In their response to the video, officials at Planned Parenthood did not deny they are harvesting organs from the aborted babies.  They merely apologized for the “tone” of the executive in the video.  

     Planned Parenthood then deflected attacks at their barbaric behavior by attacking the group exposing them, claiming it is a pro-life, propaganda attack video that had been highly edited.  A compliant media ran headlines adamantly proclaiming Planned Parenthood was not selling aborted baby parts while others ignored the appalling discovery altogether.  Unfortunately for them the second video made public this week shows the organization’s top doctor haggling over the price of the “tissue samples.”  As Soren Kierkegaard once said, “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”  As additional videos are released, it will become extremely difficult for Liberals to continue the mantra that Planned Parenthood has no blood on its hands.

     I can understand the initial reaction of pro-abortion activists defending Planned Parenthood.  They have spent their lives promoting the organization, believing that they were supporting an honest and humanitarian group.  How can you believe that the group you trusted, defended, and promoted is everything your political opponents said it was, a human butcher shop?  My sympathies ran dry when I discovered that some Liberal websites started circulating an article this week encouraging women to donate their aborted baby’s body to science.  Some are so invested in their sin they are willing to fall further and further down the rabbit hole of evil instead of facing the reality of their beliefs.

     To sit back and accept this atrocity to human life is no better than the Germans who knew of the death camps and said nothing.

     During the Bush Administration, Nancy Pelosi, along with other predominate Democrats, repeatedly insinuated that Bush and Republicans were Nazis.  Liberal supporters outright called Bush "Hitler", complete with posters of him in a Nazi uniform and a Hitler mustache.  As I described in my letter about Margaret Sanger, Hitler began his reign of terror by eliminating mentally and physically handicapped people.  (see Finishing The Master Race)  Hitler did not come up with this idea of the perfect race on his own.  He followed the Progressive policies put forth right here in America by predominate Democrats such as Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and the sainted founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.  

     Following in the footsteps of history, a Liberal Princeton professor Peter Singer just divulged in an interview that he believes Obamacare should withhold care from disabled infants, which would basically kill them.  He claims it’s not so much about the monetary cost as it is about relieving the burden on parents and society, believing his methods are representative of a compassionate people.  Singer also confessed, “So we are already taking steps that quite knowingly and intentionally are ending the lives of severely disabled infants.”  If we follow the pattern of history then we realize it did not take long for the Nazi Party to evolve from slaughtering the disabled of any race to killing everyone of a specific race.  His “compassion” ended in the deaths of 6 million Jews and 5 million other undesireables.  Hitler’s “compassion” evolved from Margaret Sanger’s promotion of terminating any human weeds, including Negros.  (see Holocaust: Then And Now)  Again, an entire race of people. Different roads, different flags, same destination.