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Denying Life-Saving Organ Transplant To Unvaccinated Woman Breaks Every Ethics Rule - 11/19/2022

New Zealand Health Officials Take Custody Of Baby Whose Parents Refused 'Vaccinated Blood' Transfusion - 12/7/2022

Study Finds Prejudice Against COVID-19 Unvaccinated Around The World - 12/9/2022

Duke Children's Hospital Denied 14-Year-Old Girl Kidney Transplant Over Covid Vaccine, Family Says - 12/10/2022

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Judge Approves $10 Million Settlement For Health Care Workers Fired Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - 12/19/2022

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Courts Tell Biden's Cureaucrats They Don't Get To Make Health Care Decisions For American Workers - 1/17/2023

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Soldiers Fired Over Vaccine Refusal Must Pay Back Bonuses - 1/25/2023

MUST WATCH: Medical Professionals-Turned-Whistleblowers Expose Houston Methodist Hospital's Early COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate - 1/31/2023

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While NYC Teachers Are Fired For Refusing Covid Mandate, Illegals Allowed In Schools With No Proof Of Immunizations - 2/6/2023

NYC Teachers Speak Out About Hypocrisy Of Firing Teachers For Rusing The Mandate While Allowing Thousands Of Unvaccinated Illegals Into Schools - 2/6/2023

Employees Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccine Labeled With 'Problem Codes' That Were Sent To FBI, Legal Group Says - 2/9/2023

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