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Woke Policies: Prosecution Of The Lawful

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Cambridge Police Smeared Again 14 Years After Obama Started Anti-Cop Pol Bluster - 1/15/2023

NYC Parking Attendant, Who Was Shot Twice, Charged With Attempted Murder After Allegedly Wrestling Gun Away From Thief And Shooting Perp - 4/2/2023

New York City Man Accused Of Fatally Shooting Would-Be Robber Slapped With 24 Additional Gun Charges, Bail Doubled: 'The Court Is Quite Concerned WIth What We See' - 6/4/2023

Queens Man Who Acted In Self-Defense Arrested For Killing Of Ex-Con Who Was Harrassing Passengers In Brooklyn Subway (VIDEO) - 6/15/2023

Charges Dismissed Against Man In Fatal Stabbing Of Alleged NYC Subway Menace - 6/29/2023

Video: Two 7-Eleven Workers Thrash Would-Be Thief Who Tried To Wheel Away Trash Can Full Of Cigarettes - 8/3/2023

Under Our Civil Rights Regime, Fake Murderes Are Punished And Real Murders Aren't Worth Mentioning - 9/19/2023

Subway 'Vigilantes' Aren't The Problem, They're A Sympton Of NYC's Crime Catastrophe - 11/10/2023

'This Is Not Normal': Concealed Carry Holder Who Fended Off Intruders Says California Politicians Punish 'The Wrong People' - 11/13/2023

'I Can't Catch A Break': DC Charged Victims Of Allegedly Violent Carjacking $2,000 To Get Car Out Of Impound - 3/5/2024

NYC Democrat Asks 'Where Are The Men' Doing Something About Savage Attacks On Women. Critics Tell Her: On Trial. - 3/29/2024

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones To Get Tough On VICTIMS - Wants To Hold Business Owners Responsible For Crimes Near Their Stores - 3/30/2024

Vandals Keep Targeting 102-Year-Old Man In Wheelchair. Blue City Decides To Go After The Victim - 3/30/2024

Dem St. Louis Mayor Says Business Owners Should Be Held 'Accountable' For Crimes That Happen On Their Premises - 4/7/2024