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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Law Enforcement

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IRS Defends Giving Refunds To Illegal Immigrants - 3/2/2015

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Ben Carson Defends Plan To Evict Illegal Immigrants From Government Housing - 5/21/2019

Soros-Backed DA Seeks To Protect Illegal Immigrant Crime Suspects From Deportation - 12/7/2022

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Texas Gov. Praises Troops For Repelling Illegal Immigrants, Vows That 'Elite' Units Will Continue Effort - 5/11/2023

Authorities Reportedly Ignore Migrant Moms Illegally Selling Fruit Along Dangerous Highways, Babies In Tow - 5/21/2023

In D.C. Non-Citizens Can Now Work As Police Officers - 7/13/2023

'This Is Madness': Illinois Gov. Pritzker Signs Bill Allowing Non-US Citizens To Become Police Officers - 7/29/2023

Leftists Cry Foul Over 'Photo Op' Of Law Enforcement Around Captured Illegal Alien Fugitive - A Convicted Killer. But State Cop Shoots Them All Down. - 9/13/2023

Biden Admin Deploys 800 Troops To Border To Assist With Migrant Processing Rather Than Stemming Invasion - 9/22/2023

GOP Senator Exposes Government Incompetence With 'Really Basic' Questions About Border Crisis: 'Do Any Of You Know?' - 10/26/2023

26 States Make Power Move In D.C. - This Massive Push Could Fix America's #1 Crisis - 11/18/2023

Deportation Of Criminal Illegal Aliens Way Down Under Biden, Report Says - 12/10/2022

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Biden Admin Caught And Released Enought Illegal Immigrants At The Border To Fill More Than 17 Yankee Stadiums - 1/1/2024

The Supreme Court Is Not A Suicide Pact - 1/25/2024

NYPD Executes Raid On Illegal Immigrants 'While The Rest On NYC Was Sleeping' - 2/6/2024

Homeland Admitted In Emails In Fails To Track Illegal Immigrants Released Into US Interior - 2/14/2024

Georgia GOP Looks To Crack Down On Sheriffs, Jailers Who Shield Illegal Immigrants From ICE After Laken Riley Murder - 2/28/2024

Los Angeles Hires And Arms Foreign Criminals To Police U.S. Citizens - 2/29/2024

Arizona Dem Goeror Vetoes Bill Allowing Local Police To Arrest Illegal Aliens - 3/5/2024

'A Slap In The Face': Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Police To Arrest Illegal Aliens - 3/7/2024

170 Dems Vote Against GOP-Led Bill That Would Require Illegal Immigrant Criminals To Be Detained - 3/7/2024

Federal Judge Dismisses States' Challenge To Biden's Parole Program For Immigrants - 3/11/2024

DeSantis Signs Law Increasing Penalties For Illegal Border Crossers - 3/15/2024