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Departments Of Justice And Homeland Security Release Data On Incarcerated Aliens - 94 Percent Of All Confirmed Aliens In DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present - 12/21/2017

US Border Patrol Needs Extra Toilets To Handle All The Families It's Detaining - 11/26/2018

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UN Admits 70 Per Cent Of Boat Migrants Not Eligible For Asylum - 5/27/2020

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DOJ: 56% Of Federal Arrests In 2020 Took Place In 5 Judicial Districts Along U.S.-Mexico Border - 5/26/2022

As The Number Of Illegals Crossing The Border Increases So Does The Number Of Deceased That Don't Make It (Graphic) - 7/17/2022

4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border In 18 Months Since Biden Took Office: Report - 8/21/2022

STUNNING: 4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed Open Border Into US In First 18 Months Of Biden Regime - Roughly The POPULATION OF IRELAND (VIDEO) - 8/29/2022

Report: Americans Bear $20 Billion Burden Yearly For The Millions Of Illegal Aliens Who've Stolen Across Southern Border Since Biden Took Office - 9/14/2022

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The 1 Million Illegal Immigrant Encounters In Past 5 Months Is Equivalent To Population Of Biden's Delaware - 2/27/2023

DCNF Reporter Describes How 'Millions' Of Migrants 'Pour Over' The Border Under Biden - 3/10/2023

Border Crossing Surge 23% In March, Nearing 200K - 4/17/2023

US Lawmaker: 700,000 To 1 Million Illegals Gather At US Border With Mexico To Storm Country After Title 42 Ends (VIDEO) - 4/28/2023

Border Congressman: Towns 100+ Miles Away From The Border 'Overwhelmed' With Illegal Aliens - 4/30/2023

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Migrant Child Dies In Federal Custody, Marking Third Such Death In Two Months - 5/18/2023

More Than 150K New Cases Filed With U.S. Immigration Courts In July Alone - 8/16/2023

BETSY MCCAUGHEY: The Migrant Surge Is Coming To The Classroom - 9/16/2023

The Biden Admin Has Let In MORE Illegal Aliens Than The Populations Of THESE 15 States - 9/19/2023

White House Defends Border Crossing Numbers: 'It Ebbs And Flows' - 9/21/2023

US Reports Massive Number Of Encounters Along Southwest Border In August - 9/22/2023

Border Encounters Surge To Nearly 233,000 In August - 9/22/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Number Of Illegal Migrants In Border Patrol Custody Surges To New High - 9/27/2023

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San Diego Airport Overrun After Over 300 Migrants Move In - 11/26/2023

Southern Border Still A Mess: Arizona Sees 58,000 In One Month As October Sees Second-Highest Border Encounters Ever - 11/27/2023

Report: U.S. Migrant Population Reaches Largest Share In History - 12/7/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Migrant Encounters At The Southern Border Surpass 547,000 In Less Than Three Months - 12/21/2023

November Migrant Encounters At The Southern Border Mark New Record - 12/22/2023

Biden's Border Crisis: 15 States Have Smaller Populations Than Total Illegal Southern Border Crossings In 2023 - 12/30/2023

Report: U.S. Sets Record For Most Single-Month Illegal Encounters At The Southern Border - 1/2/2024

'Delusional': Biden Says Southern Border Is Not In Crisis As Illegal Crossings Surge - 1/13/2024

Melugin: Ilegal Aliens Dressed In Camouflage Spotted In Remote Part Of Arizona Desert 70 Miles Inland From Southern Border (VIDEO) - 1/20/2024

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Former Border Patrol Agent Has NEVER SEEN Illegal Immigration This BAD - 3/14/2024

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