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Former Top Twitter Exec: We've Used 'Visibility Filtering' To Suppress Certain Political Content - 2/8/2023

Twitter House Hearing Room Abruptly Loses Power, Halting Hearing - 2/8/2023

'Yes or No': Nancy Mace Presses Ex-Twitter Censor On Collusion With Gov - 2/8/2023

Hearing On Big Tech Explodes During Questioning Of Former Twtitter Exec Yoel Roth - 2/8/2023

WATCH: Repubicans James Comer, Marjorie Taylor Green Blast Former Twitter Executives For Blatant Bias And Censorship - 'This Is Repulsive' - 2/8/2023

MTG Uses House Hearing On Hunter Biden Story To Rip Twitter Execus For Banning Her - 2/8/2023

House Representative Warns Twitter Execs They Could Go To Jail; FBI Responds To Allegations Of Censorship - 2/8/2023

Former Twitter Exec Claims Censorship Actually Creates More Speech - 2/8/2023

Former Twitter Exec Admits Using Disappearing Message Apps With Government Officials- 2/8/2023

WATCH: Republican Lauren Boebert Slams Former Twitter Execs For Shadow Banning Her - 'Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?' - 2/9/2023

Twitter Execs Screwed Up BIG TIME, Rep. Comer Destroys Big Tech In Hearing - 2/9/2023

Yoel Roth Makes Damning Admission During Hearing, Elon Takes Him Down With One Tweet - 2/9/2023

'Holy Sh*t': Rising Star Republican Nails Yoel Roth In Brilliant Twitter Grilling, Then Slays WaPo For 'Comical' Hit Piece - 2/10/2023

Left Deflects On Import Of House Twitter Files Hearing (CensorTrack With Paiten) [Video] - 2/13/2023

Rep. Jordan Subpeonas Big Tech CEOs In House 'Weaponization' Probe - 2/15/2023

Taibbi Testifies To House Subcommittee On Twitter Files - 3/9/2023

Democrats Trash Journalists For 'Cherrypicked' Federal Censorship Emails In Twitter Files - 3/9/2023

'A Very Disturbing Event': Michael Shellenberger Describes 'Censorship-Industrial Complex' Created With Taxpayer Funds - 3/9/2023

The Censorship Complex Isn't A 'Tinfoil Hat' Conspiracy, And The 'Twitter Files' Just Dropped More Proof - 3/10/2023

Calling Out Private Censors, Weaponization Committee Signals It Won't Stop With FBI-Twitter Collusion - 3/10/2023

Angry Democrats Browbeat 'So-Called Journalists' Matt Taibbi, Micheal Shellenberger At Twitter Files Hearing. The Renowned Writers Just Giggle. - 3/10/2023

Elon Musk Unloads New Report Against Washington - Investigation Pulls Back Curtain On 'Censorship-Industrial Complex' - 3/10/2023

Matt Taibbi Shuts Down Dem Congresswoman With Her Own Words After She Makes False Claim: 'Your Direct Quote - 3/13/2023

The IRS Makes A Strange House Call On Matt Taibbi - 3/27/2023

Intimidation? IRS Agent Visited Journalist After He Testified On Censorship, Jim Jordan Reveals - 3/27/2023

Rep. Jim Jordan Demands Answers From IRS After It Sent An Agent To Twitter Files Journalist's Home In An Apparent 'Effort To Intimidate A Witness' - 3/28/2023

Ousted Twitter Legal Chief Spent Half A Million On Lawyers Before House Testimony, Wants Twitter To Pay For It - 4/11/2023

TikTok Parent Company 'Monitors' And 'Suppresses' Posts About Trump, Uyghurs: Report - 5/2/2023