October 2, 2014

Dear Liberty,

     Christ told a story of two sons.  The father asked the first son to go work in the vineyard.  The son replied, "I will not," but changed his mind and went.  The father asked the second son the same request.  He replied, “I will,” but did not go.  Which son did what his father wanted?

     At the recent People’s Climate Rally in New York, thousands of protesters gathered to proclaim their support for environmental issues and urging the government to control people's actions to defend the environment. As the rally drew to an end, participants left the city streets covered with mounds of flyers, leaflets, signs, styrofoam cups, plastic bottles, and pop cans. This trash littered the streets and sidewalks and spilled out from trash cans, making New York the “City that Never Sleeps (because some people just won’t clean up after themselves.)”

     Four years ago another large rally took place in Washington DC. This rally was Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor, one of the 1st major Tea Party rallies, hosting an estimated 500,000 participants.  (see Tyrants And Tea Parties) When these protesters went home, they left the Mall cleaner than when they arrived.

     Actions speak louder than words.

     Environmentalists love to preach to the world of the need to love and cherish the Earth, but who’s actions showed that respect in their rally?  Conservatives and conservationists understand the gift our Heavenly Father gave us with this world and the responsibility we have to protect it.  This is known as stewardship, where you as an individual take on the responsibility of looking out for those things that you have been entrusted with.  When you take personal responsibility, the big things, such as the environment, fall into place.  There are inherent dangers of handing this morality and responsibility over to the government instead of nourishing it in ourselves.  By demanding more of government you also risk handing your freedoms, liberty, and possibly souls over to people who are only out for power and control.

     Many of the climate change protesters are thrilled that the government has mandated environmental guidelines such as the mpg standards on cars. They praise the liberal politicians for demanding electric cars while at the same time forcing coal plants to close. These environmentalists believe electricity is clean energy because you get it from the plug in your wall. They have no idea that the electricity they demand for their cars is generated at power plants primarily from burning coal or some other biofuel. They also completely ignore the enormous amounts of carbon emissions released from the private jets and SUVs all the high-profile celebrities force into the atmosphere as they gallivant from one climate change protest to another.

     Instead of letting the free market work, government has decided to become our moral compass with the blessing and support of many. While cutting our oil supply, claiming the need for alternative fuels, Obama also cut funding initiated by President Bush for the development of hydrogen fuels.  After the Federal Government bailed out General Motors (GM) at taxpayer expense, it was forced to stop production of their hydrogen car in 2009.  GM was well on their way to market with hydrogen cars, while Shell geared up to provide the entire fueling infrastructure needed.  The feds told the public that this technology was impossible.  Today, five years later, GM and Toyota are together pushing for these cars to go to production by 2015, without the help of the government.

     Actions speak louder than words.

     When the government’s not stopping alternative fuels that can work, such as clean burning coal plants or hydrogen fuels, they are funding companies that can’t.  In 2009 Obama approved a $535 million loan paid by the taxpayers to Solyndra, a solar company that went bankrupt and closed their doors within a few years.  The solar panels that they built were not even sold, but destroyed.  Many are still wondering where all that money went.  This is what happens when governments decide who will be the winners and losers, rather than allowing the market, and therefore the people, to decide.

     Environmentalists don’t want the underbrush to be touched or removed from national forests, yet it is because of this dry debris that these woods become tinderboxes waiting to be ignited.  Privately owned forest lands, where the trees are cut and replanted, suffer far fewer and much less devastating fires than unmanaged Federal land.  Forests are healthier when man provides stewardship, not when they are left alone.

     Wind power is the nirvana of power to environmentalists, but leads to the death of thousands of birds each year.  Senator Ted Kennedy, a longtime liberal environmentalist politician, loved to promote and brag about alternative energy, but fought and defeated a proposed wind farm that would have been in his back yard.  Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and activist present at the recent New York rally, was asked by a reporter if he would lead by example and give up his cell phone and car.  After becoming visibly irritated with the questioning, he said the quality of life should not be sacrificed for the environment.  Except that’s exactly what they are asking you to do.  What do the environmentalists propose we do, if not radically change modern life?  Something they themselves are reluctant to do.

     Actions speak louder than words.

     Liberty, these are not environmental decisions.  These are decisions made by politicians and governments for their own gain, promoting their own agenda while using people with good intentions to demand action.  The Communists revolutionaries of the Soviet Empire had a name for such sincere people – ‘Useful Idiots’.  Considering all the signs degrading capitalism and supporting socialism, communism and revolution at the New York “climate” rally, my statement is fully validated.  The rally was never about the environment, it was about promoting government control.

     People on the left and the right actually stand behind the government when their morals are being pushed.  But when you give the government that power, what do you do when they demand actions you don’t agree with?  The majority of people oppose same-sex marriage, but the government is punishing and fining people and businesses if they choose not to agree.  (see We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service and Is Justice Blind?)  Nearly 80% of the US population does not agree with non-conditional abortion, especially in late term pregnancies, but the government is telling us we have to allow all abortions or we are denying women a basic right. (see Suffering In Utopia)

     The Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed Congress because it would not provide for abortions and the President confirmed that it would not.  The President got the votes needed with that assurance, but within weeks of passing the act, he reneged on his promise and the government began forcing businesses and taxpayers to provide abortions.  Sarah Palin was mocked for stating the act provided for ‘death panels’ for the elderly.  Just last month, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the author of the ACA, stated that people don’t need to live past 75, confirming what Palin had warned.  Emanuel went as far as to say that people over 75 shouldn’t take medicines, antibiotics or any life-saving instruments because there is no need to prolong their life.  By giving up our individual sovereignty, we allow the government to decide if we should come into this world and when we should leave.

     You first, Emanuel.  Actions speak louder than words.

     Isn’t it interesting that the same radicals of the 1960s that said don’t trust anyone over 30 are now the same people in positions of power?  Using basic deductive logic I’ll have to agree with them. Don’t trust anyone in power.

     Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg actively mandated his citizens and businesses conform to his moral standards.  He regulated things like guns, salt, the size of pop, and how much trans fat you can get at a restaurant.  Even some extreme liberals, such as Whoopi Goldberg, were pushed to their limit.  The problem is New Yorkers stood by for so long letting Bloomberg regulate whatever he wanted that they had no footing to prevent him from taking over something they cared about.  Bloomberg, with all his mighty rhetoric about defending the environment, would leave his car running for hours so the air conditioner could run while he was in meetings.  Let’s face it, you can’t be too hot when you’re fighting global warming.

     Actions speak louder than words.

     No matter what the intentions, it is not the government’s job to shape our morality.  That is God’s job. But as I have stated in many of my letters to you, Liberty, the government wants desperately to be your god.  “They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.” Romans 1:25

     In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul wrote “You say, ‘I am allowed to do anything’--but not everything is good for you.  And even though ‘I am allowed to do anything,’ I must not become a slave to anything.”  He also told us that we should follow God’s commands out of love for Him, not as an obligation for salvation.  If someone tells you that you MUST follow a certain tradition to be justified in God’s eyes, then you MUST reject it.  

     Martin Luther says that “in the presence of such men” who demand certain behaviors from us, we should, “for the sake of the liberty of faith do other things which they regard as the greatest of sins.”  The liberal/progressive agenda that forces environmental demands on people is just such an example.  This is their religion with government as their god.  (see The Science Is Settled and The Science Is Settled, Part II)  They have removed the 10 Commandments and replaced them with political correctness.  They worship creation along with abortion and same-sex marriage and demand everyone do the same.

     I have no problem with telling people about the benefits of cleaner fuels and healthier choices and allowing the people to make their own decisions.  If you have a strong enough argument people will buy in.  Of course, that’s a free market argument and socialist don’t believe in that.  So they command, demand, tax and force the people into using certain products while taking away others.  However, those that are in positions of power are never under the same expectations.

     Actions speak louder than words.

     That’s my 2 cents.