The only way to remove the people’s power is to “divide and conquer” them.  It’s being done and as Lincoln warned, it’s not being done by an outside enemy.  Lincoln predicted, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

     America had been trying to dig up the deep roots of racism since she broke from England.  The English slave trade imported a racial divide that Liberals will not let die.  After the Civil War, even though Southern Democrats passed Jim Crow laws to keep black people separated and virtually enslaved, Americans realized the injustice and made tremendous strides in race relations.  Meanwhile Progressive Liberals starting with Woodrow Wilson, have been keeping racial tensions alive and well for their own benefit.  (see The Birth Of A Nation)

     Over the past 8 years, these tensions have been cultivated and magnified.  As Lincoln said, “A house divided cannot stand,” and Americans are being driven apart at every turn.  (see Disunity Of The Union)  Progressives are directing and capitalizing on the current atmosphere to separate young and old, female and male, gay and straight, Christian and atheist, Republican and Democrat, rich and poor, pro-life and pro-choice, police and citizen.  Every issue that can be spotlighted and exploited is being used as a wedge to segregate Americans.  Progressives in America want to force us to see people as part of a particular group, not as Americans.  Once this is achieved and citizens are not standing together anymore, tyrannical and dictatorial politicians will put the last nail in their oppressive governmental coffin.   We’re almost there.

     Even when Liberals expose their own hypocrisy regarding their support for particular groups, most still can’t see that these divisions are a manufactured lie.  Last week’s letter, War On Women, gave explicit examples how those touting women’s rights are completely ignoring true female oppression because it does not fit their agenda.  It recently happened again as pro-gay activists displayed their true rainbow colors in two separate instances.  (see The Rainbow Connection)

     During an interview with Diane Sawyer, 1976 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner revealed that he was not only a cross-dresser, he was a Christian and Conservative.  Social Media went nuts.  They loudly applauded him until Diane called him the “R” word.  Those who pride themselves on embracing all sexual diversity were completely intolerant of Jenner for daring to actually have his own opinion.    

     Wealthy businessman and hotel owner, Ian Reisner, who happens to be gay, hosted a dinner at his home for Ted Cruz.  His motivation was to learn more about the presidential candidate and his views.  This is the most responsible thing one could do to educate themselves.  The backlash from the gay community was overwhelming.  Ian quickly apologized for not researching Ted’s views before inviting him.  So in essence, the gay community was furious Ian actually wanted to talk to the candidate himself instead of just accepting what the gay community claimed his views were.

     The Progressive definition of tolerance is excoriating someone for choosing a different path than the one they want to force you into.

     Americans are being trained to mix as well as oil and water.  Unfortunately this is an agenda that is promoted by those as powerful as the White House.  Feeling confident, the gloves are coming off.  The true haters are revealing their distain for those who practice genuine liberty and freedom.  

     While the liberal gay community was vilifying Bruce Jenner, Log Cabin Republicans, a LGBT Republican group, was readily supporting him.  Progressives love women, unless they are pro-life.  They accept blacks unless they believe in the Constitution.   They stand-up for homosexuals unless they lean to the right.  The Progressive agenda is always first and foremost.  Liberals will champion those special interest groups if and only if they accept the roles that have been designed for them.

     Liberty, we are always one generation away from giving away all our ancestors fought for.  We must reject anyone whose focus is division and hostility between citizens.  You have ancestors that came in the early 1600’s through the mid-1800’s.  They voyaged the Atlantic Ocean for the opportunity to choose their own future.  (see The Original Iron Man and Coming To America) Many came to spread the Gospel.  (see What Is Columbus Day?, Jamestown: A City Upon A Hill, The Apostle Of Virginia, The Forgotten Founding Father, and 'Higher' Education)   Others came fleeing religious persecution.  (see Thanks Be To God)  Some came as indentured servants.  (see The Color-Blindness Of Slavery)  Your great-great-great-great grandmother even came because her home city said she couldn’t have turkeys anymore.  They raised families, lost families, fought in wars, and built homes and cities.  They left their tyrannical governments in the quest for independence and freedom.  They were German, Scottish, Irish, English, French, Polish and more.  Counties that have long histories of fighting and attacking each other.  When they came here though, they became neighbors.  They became family.  They became Americans.  

     We cannot allow anyone to rebuild those barriers generations of our ancestors worked so hard to destroy.  We must not let Lincoln’s prophecy come true.

     That’s my 2 cents.



April 29, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     From the beginning of time, as populations grew and expanded across the globe, distinct traditions, practices and even physical traits emerged in various regions from the North Pole to the South Pole.  Divergent cultures mixed and mingled because one country conquered and enveloped another.  The defeated kingdom would often lose much of their own identity as they were forced to adopt another.  Then in 1776, America was born.

     When the colonists broke from England, they made sure to define America as having a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  This concept united individuals, making them a strong unit and giving them the power to govern themselves.  Immigrants blended in with those already here, forming a national bond that became unbreakable.  As a nation, we cared about and supported our neighbors.  As a nation, we welcomed our similarities.  As a nation, we strove to be the best we could be.

     Immigrants didn’t completely abandon their native heritage nor were they forced to. Likewise, they didn’t force their traditions on others.  They did come with one common desire, though, to be an American.  Ultimately different customs and traditions from all over the globe were brought here and added to the ingredients of the Great American Melting Pot, producing one of the most diverse and encompassing cultures in the entire world.

     “You simply melt right in, It doesn't matter what your skin, It doesn't matter where you're from, Or your religion, you jump right in, To the great American melting pot, Oh, what a stew, red, white, and blue.”  (The Great American Melting Pot, School House Rock.)