April 22, 2015

Dear Liberty,

     Feminists and liberals pride themselves on promoting that women are strong and resourceful.  Since the 60’s we have been informed that women can stand on their own two feet, are as strong as men, and can do everything on their own.  This has been such a significant issue with Liberals that many feminists are convinced that men are irrelevant.  I guess that is unless you interview Rand Paul.

     In a recent interview, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie tried to distort and mischaracterize Rand Paul’s political views.  She also spoke over him in efforts to push her agenda.  Rand Paul stopped her bloviating, called her on her misrepresentation and proceeded to set the record straight.  Judging by the Liberal media’s response you would have thought he beat her with a stick on live TV.  They were outraged a man dare verbally attack a woman.  Fellow Liberal journalist Chuck Todd felt the need to defend Savannah and criticize Rand for his behavior.  In all their criticism of Rand, though, they failed to realize they were arguing that a woman was not strong enough to be intellectually challenged by a man. It boggles the mind how feminists have absolutely no comprehension of the contradiction of their principals. Could it be because they don’t care?     

     Liberty, it’s time to expose this propaganda for what it is.  If Savannah had been a man, this would not have been a issue.  Since she is a woman, Rand Paul was accused of being mean and rude to a woman.  However, this event has nothing to do with her sex.  It’s all about political opportunity.  

     After eight successful years of shutting up the competition by charging racism against any Obama critic, the media is setting the stage to play the gender card for Hillary.  They are recalibrating their guns to go from a race war to a gender war.  

     Liberals know they can’t win in the arena of ideas.  They have to change the subject to demean and degrade their opponent because they know most Americans will flat out reject their ideas.  As they were able to do with Obama, Liberals want to force the Republican candidates to soften their attacks against Hillary Clinton.  It’s not that Hillary can’t handle herself because she’s a woman.  It’s that Hillary can’t handle herself because she’s not likable.  (see Above The Law)

     It is one thing to say Obama was attacked just because he was black, but in this instance Rand was accused of being mean to a woman.  The claim actually makes women look weak, rather than empowering them.  If women, including Hillary Clinton, are going to be so fragile that they have to be handled with kid gloves by Republicans running for President, how is a woman going to be able to stand up to world leaders like those in Iran who think women are property?  Are Liberal journalists going to tell Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that he can’t be tough with Hillary Clinton because she's a woman?  First, he would laugh in their face.  Then he would agree, and say, “Yes, women are weak.  Women should be controlled by men and kept in their place. Welcome to Islam!”

     Hillary Clinton, a supposed champion of women’s issues, has been taking millions of dollars for her Clinton Foundation from countries like Saudi Arabia and Yemen which stone women for walking outside without a male escort.  The truth is Liberals only care about women’s issues when it can be used for political advantage.  (see Suffering In Utopia)  It’s about the money, it’s about the power, and it’s about destroying what they believe to be the ultimate enemy, conservatism and capitalism.  

     Hillary and N.O.W. undeniably proved this in the 1990’s when Bill Clinton was accused of sexual abuse.  Feminists went after the accusers like wolves to red meat.  Meanwhile, Liberals trumpeted Bill for being able to get a little on the side, ignoring that he was cheating on his wife.  The 2008 campaign reignited this Liberal indignation when they attacked and degraded Sarah Palin, calling her stupid and a backwoods hick.  Michelle Bachman got the exact same treatment in 2012 during her presidential run.  Not one Women’s Rights group came to either of their defense.  Why?  It’s because it’s never about women’s rights.  It’s about Liberal, socialist ideology and only women who subscribe to it are protected.  Conservative women be damned.

     While liberals play this pathetic propaganda game using women as their pawns, they are completely ignoring the true “War on Women” by Muslims.  Feminists and Liberals show their true colors when they embrace Islam and eviscerate Republicans who dare to talk back to a woman.  Islamists rape, torture and enslave girls as young as 9 years old and Liberals believe Republicans are evil because they don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control.  It’s insane.  Muslim women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe, denied driving privileges, have to obtain permission to travel, are married off before they hit puberty, are never given a “choice” regarding birth control let alone abortion, and Liberals continue to support these countries while demanding “gender equality” from Republicans.  

     Do feminists even know, or care, that a Muslim man can only be convicted of rape if there are four male witnesses (that are willing to testify to the rape) or the accused actually confesses to it?  Otherwise, if a woman accuses a man of rape without either of those elements, she is confessing to having sex.  If either are married then she has admitted to adultery for which she can be stoned.  All the man has to do is say the sex was consensual.  How about writing THAT rape story, Rolling Stone Magazine?  They never will because it would expose who they really are, lying hypocrites driven by ideology and politics over principles.

     I’m quite frankly sick and tired of this mantra that more women should be on school boards, Senators, Representatives, and now, “it’s time for a woman President”.  I could care less what gender our leaders are.  The paramount concern for our politicians should be who they are.  They need to be guided by principles, values, ethics, and morals, not by what they are.  Our electorate has gotten lazy, brainwashed and frankly stupid.  In a recent poll of college students regarding their decision to vote for Hillary Clinton, the most popular answer for their support was, “She’s a woman.”  If that’s all they really cared about then Sarah Palin would have been Vice President and maybe President now.

     We were told it was “time” for an African-American President eight years ago.  Millions voted for Barack Obama to show they weren’t racist, which in and of itself was the most racist thing they could do.  Well how well is that working out for us?  I’m perfectly fine with a black President.  Let’s see those that tout they want a black President vote for Allen West, Ben Carson, Allen Keys or Condoleezza Rice.  They won’t because race is actually a propaganda tool, not a character trait.  

     I believe we should strive for Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream.  As he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  (see Free At Last?)  America elected a man simply because of the pigment in his skin with absolutely no regard to his character.  The Liberals are beginning the identical game with gender.  Let’s be clear, voting for a woman just because she is a woman is the epitome of sexism.

     The great news is Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are not playing the game.  They are not kowtowing to the media’s gotcha questions.  When Rand was asked an abortion question, he instructed the interviewer to ask the DNC first and then get back to him.  When Ted was asked about gay marriage, his response outlined the constitutionality of the issue.  He argued that the 10th amendment clearly directs states to decide the issue, not the federal government or unelected federal judges.

     Liberty, be vigilant and reject those who try to intimidate or bully you into abandoning your principles and beliefs.  Evaluate people on how their actions compare to the principles they profess.  Protect the rights of the individual and also judge people individually, not based on what group they are assigned to by a politician.  People are not labels.  If you vote for or against someone simply based on their race, gender, or religion without any regard to who they are personally, you have committed the greatest sin, acting like a racist, sexist, bigot.  You know....a Progressive Liberal.

     That’s my 2 cents.