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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. And The Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft Join Together With Several Others In Antitrust Lawsuit Against Legacy Media For Efforts To Exclude Rivals From Internet Platforms - 1/11/2023

"Pharma, MSM, Tech, Intel, Zelensky, WHO, Deep State All Working Together To Cover Up Bioweapons In Ukraine" - 1/31/2023

House Passes Resolution With Bipartisan Support Condemning China Using Surveillance Balloon Over US - 2/9/2023

'Anonymous Sources' Are How Corporate Media Launder Smear Operations As News - 2/10/2023

Establishment Media Gush Over Joe Biden's Return To Ukraine: 'Audacious,' 'Defiant,' 'Shock' - 2/20/2023

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'60 Minutes' Does A Hatchet Job On MTG; Host Rolls Her Eyes At Congresswoman - 4/3/2023

Elon Musk Leaves BBC Reporter Stunned After He Turns The Tables, Puts Reporter On Hot Seat In Wild Interview: 'You Just Lied!' - 4/12/2023

Squires: If America Descends Into The Fire Of Open Racial Conflict, The Corporate Media Will Have Stoked It - 4/21/2023

Newsweek Finally Acknowledges Border Crossing Sexual Violence In Kari Lake "Fact Check" About Sexually Abused Migrant 8-Year-Old - 4/28/2023

Politico's Founder Is Spending $20 Million To Train Aspiring Journalists - 5/1/2023

'Manufactured' Media Lies Can End Democracy: Tucker Carlson Makes First In-Person Speech After Departing From Fox - 5/2/2023

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George Soros Set To Seize Control Of Audacy's 220 Radio Stations Ahead Of Election - 2/15/2024

EXPOSED: Billionaire George Soros CAUGHT Buying 220 Radio Stations Ahead Of 2024 Election - 2/15/2024