Facts on:

January 6, 2021 Protest

- Antifa, BLM, & Activists  

- Capitol Hill Pipe Bomber

- Congress & Democrat Riots

- Deaths

- FBI & DOJ Investigations

- FBI Set-Up & Cover-Up

- Impeachment

- Political Prisoners & Targeted Opposition

     - Deaths

     - Hypocritical Treatment & Sentencing

     - Prison Conditions

     - Trials

- Ray Epps & Luke Robinson

- Security & Capitol Police

- Select Committee

     - Hidden & False Evidence

     - Illegitimacy Of Committee

     - Intimidation

     - Questionable, Tyrannical & Illegal Panel Acts

     - Witnesses

- Trump's True Involvement

- Video Evidence

     - Full Release Of J6 Videos

     - Jacob Chansley aka "QAnon Shaman"

     - Set-Up Video Proof


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