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Schools & Mass Shootings

- Allen, Texas Mall Shooting

- Buffalo Shooting  

- California Shootings - Jan 2023  

- Chapel Hill, North Carolina

- Cleveland, Texas

- Colorado Springs Nightclub

     - Manifesto

- Covenant Christian School

- Gabby Giffords Shooting

- Highland Park July 4 Shooting

- Illinois Mass Shooting

- Jacksonville, Florida Dollar General Shooting

- Kingsessing (Philadelphia Area) Shooting

- Las Vegas Massacre  

- Lakewood Church Shooting

- Lewiston, Maine, Mass Shooting

- Louisville Bank Shooting

- Michigan State University Shooting

- New York City Subway Schooting

- Parkland, Florida  

- Perry Middle & High School, Perry, Iowa

- Sandy Hook Elementary School

- School Safety  

- Shootings That Don't Fit The Narrative

- Tree Of Life Synagogue

- Tulsa, Oklahoma Hospital Shooting

- University Of Virginia Shooting

- Uvalde, Texas School Shooting

     - Details

     - Shooter's Background

     - Policy & Police Failures

- Walmart Shooting in Virginia  

- See: LGBTQ+: Transgenderism: Crimes & Violence By Transgenders

- See: Rioters & Protesters: Riots 2020: Kyle Rittenhouse

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Gunman Kills One, Wounds Four During Easter Brunch At Nashville Cafe - 3/31/2024